Forecaster Rankings

NFL Team:
As of Mon 4:15am, these are the Top 10 Arizona Cardinals forecasters on Forecast Football ™. The hard work and dedication of these and other Forecasters is what drives the heart of Forecast Football. We owe these men (and women, of course!) our gratitude. To learn more about how you can try to join their elite ranks, get started playing Forecast Football ™.

Top 10 Arizona Cardinals forecasters
Rank Last Week Score Forecaster Team Name
1st No Change (+0) 100 rosswatson Langley Gators
2nd No Change (+0) 16.2 vector Heckturin Vectors
3rd No Change (+0) 14 rtolf Xela Nave
4th No Change (+0) 3.5 thetwotimer Seattle TwoTiming
5th Up (+1) 0 WaylonS Springfield Flying Hellfish
6th Down (-3) 0 rdmorrison Prescott Badgers
7th Up (+1) 0 hessra25 Colorado Springs Wannabees
8th Up (+1) 0 JaxJokers Jacksonville Ministry of Pain
9th Down (-4) -0.6 theforecaster Forecast Snarks
10th Down (-4) -5 Kaplan South Park Bungholes